The SELAH Labyrinth

Welcome to the SELAH (SAY-la) Labyrinth, a place of rest, a space to reconnect to the spiritual in your life. Walking the path of a Labyrinth is a way to be attentive to our feelings and emotions, while relieving our stress, anxiety and anger onto the path as we walk.

The labyrinth has been a form of contemplation for thousands of years. Labyrinths are a sacred space where we can connect to ourselves and all of creation.  A labyrinth is not a maze.  Mazes have many paths where the purpose is to trick and tease.  The path of a labyrinth is unicursal – one defined path into the center and the same path to return, leading us to a path deeper within ourselves and back out again to enter our world. 


Selah (SAY-la) is a Hebrew word found mostly in the Psalms or the music section of the Bible.  We find Selah at the end of a section of lyrics.  It is thought to be a notation for a time to pause and listen – perhaps when one instrument or soloist is playing/singing.  The SELAH Labyrinth is a place to pause, rest and listen to what the Spirit is revealing.


Tuesday, June 25

7-8 PM

Walking the Labyrinth

Walking the Labyrinth provides a specific path inward which quiets your mind and ceases the chaos of your inner world as you lay down your cares, fears, and pain. Coming into the center is akin to coming into the spiritual world. Remain here, at the center, as long as you like and bask in the mystery.  Then, as you follow the defined path back out into the world you will feel renewed and strengthened as you move back into the chaos of the world. 


Labyrinths can also be used as a form of meditative walking in a secular setting such as healing facilities or wellness centers.  Mentally leaving the disease and pain behind, finding solace within and then returning to daily living renewed spiritually and physically.


Labyrinths provide a space to walk while we converse with our inner heart.  Each journey is different for each person on every visit.  There is not an incorrect way to walk the labyrinth.  Just walk and pay attention.