On Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024, church leadership challenged the congregation of Carnegie Presbyterian Church to spread the love of Jesus with the community over the next three weeks.  Sharing the message from Matthew 28, when Jesus said, "Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.", reminds us and those we encouinter that we are never alone.  What a great message for today!  Sometimes it is hard to believe that Jesus is with us expecially when we are lonely or when we are having a difficult day.  


Flat Jesus is a parody of Flat Stanley, an American children's book series written by author Jeff Brown (1926-2003) By the time of his death, almost a million copies have been sold of his six Flat Stanley books. In 1995, a teacher in the Canada, Dale Hubert, took Flat Stanley from the pages of the books and started the Flat Stanley Project to encourage letter-writing by schoolchildren.  The children were to treat Flat Stanley as a guest and keep a journal of his activiites while visiting with them.  Then Flat Stanley and his journal would be sent to schoochildren in other countries visiting there for a short time and return with tales of far-away places.  In 2008, more than 6,000 classes from 47 countries took part in the Flat Stanley Project!!!


Following the travelings of Flat Stanley, Flat Jesus accompanies one on their daily activities journaling by photos instead of journalling.Each participant, young and old, will have a Flat Jesus character to remind them that Jesus is always with them.  Take Jesus with you everywhere - playing with friends, mowing the lawn, traveling to special places, or just watching TV.  Don't forget to snap a photo to submit to darthkiser@gmail.com to be posted or you may post it on the Carnegie Presbyterian Church Facebook page.  



1.  The most people in a photo with Flat Jesus

2.  Take Flat Jesus to work/school day

3.  The most animals with Flat Jesus - Jesus loves pets too!

4.  Flat Jesus with a rare animal

5.  The funniest Flat Jesus picture

6.  Flat Jesus in the most unique place

7.  Flat Jesus in the highest place.

8.  The greatest number of pictures with you and Flat Jesus


Your own personal Flat Jesus will be available during worship beginning March 31st. We will gather pictures until Sunday April 19th

We will announce the prize winners on April 21st during the luncheon after worship.

Remember Jesus is “with you always.”